Greyson Chance - Animal in the Night - Sundance ASCAP Music Café

2:02 <3


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If you had a twin greysonchance , it would be cool. Double the trouble! With different personalities, on the left, he’s the silly/jolly one, and on the right, he’s the serious one.

Photo not mine. So credits to the owner of this (:

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Greyson in Netherlands, 2014

{f r i e n d s}
damn greyson is hot and so his friends woops

"It can all come falling down at the hands of fate.."

PLANETX edit. marks the horror/metal/sci-fi phase im finding myself in lately.

What an amazing 4 Years


To my friends:

Greetings, and I guess “Happy Greyson Day”. Wow that feels strange to say. Symbolically speaking, today marks something indescribable and the start of a journey that has been occupied by myself and my dearest of friends; all of you. For those of you who don’t know why today is…